Issue 70

Recently, there was a popular advert that had the tag line
“Home is where the heart is”, and this rang so true for
most of us. You may have had the worst day ever, but once
you walk into your home, somehow a peace surrounds
you. You and I both know that getting a home to look
and feel as exquisite as we want it to get quite tricky – at
least I know that my home is still a work in progress. If my
house could look like my Pinterest page, it would be on
this magazine cover for sure. Read on and know why you
need a mood board.
For some reason, every time I walk into a home décor store,
the items that steal my fancy are either too expensive or
too large for my space. I have a fle flled with magazine
tear outs and an incredible amount of Pinterest boards just
waiting for the right space, or better still, a “bigger pocket”. So, in the meantime, I comfort myself with nice but
affordable solutions, temporary ones that will still make my
home look elegant.
We are fast running up the biggest homes show in East &
Central Africa from 12 – 15 October. Turn the pages so get
a preview of what went down the last expo in April and get
to know what to expect in this edition that’s themed #AffordableLiving. You can afford to live comfortably and the
Kenya Homes Expo has put together an innovative crop of
products and services to suit your pockets.
We can’t afford to wait for our dream homes. Life is too
short to live in semi-decent spaces until we can buy our
homes. The space you are in now is your home, so get to
work and work on it with love. Our homes reflect who we
are, and I know I don’t want anyone getting the wrong idea
about me from the way my home looks.
This is where HomesKenya Magazine comes in, we are all
about blending the beautiful and useful with aspiration
and inspiration. We’re here to give you ideas, make you
dream and give you practical insights to make your dreams
come true. We search the country and the world at large
to track down unique, pioneering ideas just for you.
Now, you do not need to look for HomesKenya Magazine on the shelves, read it digitally and get it frst on our
website We are
at your service, ask us for advise on trends, products and
services, advertise with us, send us pics of your home and
let us know what you’d love see on the covers of your favourite read.
Enjoy your read!

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